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venice, ca, 90291
United States

Georgie Smith HOME creates occasions that cater to all the senses. If you are a foodie who wants to enjoy restaurant deliciousness in an ambient setting at home or in nature, I hope you will journey with me in creating inspired memories that add meaning to our lives.


Creating A Sense of Home -- Anywhere.

Imaginative home entertaining and fulfilling experiences to deepen our joy & connection with one another

I'm Georgie, welcome HOME.


'The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.’ Pablo Picasso.

As we strive to live more mindfully and regain our connection to humanity, I find myself focusing on how I can bring friends and strangers together to revel in what we love most whilst giving back. 

A wedding is often the best opportunity to soak up a whole lot of love, in an inspired environment, while savoring in delicious food, deep belly laughs and awesome dance moves. All of this happens (and more) when we create a home for an aged out foster youth at A Sense of Home. WATCH

Through my experience of creating and building ASOH, I have discovered not only the great need by foster youth for this experience but by the general population. The good people of this world are eager to give back and they want to feel more connected to humanity. They want to share their hearts, talents and skills towards something bigger than themselves. Why not do this amidst all that makes us feel inspired and happy. Surely the ripple on effect is more happy and inspired people.

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A magical setting & making lemonade outta lemons.

A magical setting & making lemonade outta lemons.

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Photos by Laura Doss for Georgie Smith Home cookbook.

Photos by Laura Doss for Georgie Smith Home cookbook.