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venice, ca, 90291
United States

Georgie Smith HOME creates occasions that cater to all the senses. If you are a foodie who wants to enjoy restaurant deliciousness in an ambient setting at home or in nature, I hope you will journey with me in creating inspired memories that add meaning to our lives.

About Georgie



Georgie Smith was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. A filmmaker, chef and designer, Smith founded the nonprofit A Sense of Home (ASOH) after her random act of kindness for an aged out foster youth formed a model for a community based solution. Prior to ASOH Georgie split her time between film &TV and designing homes, interiors, landscapes and events --featuring her own unique culinary expression. This site began as a place holder for friends requesting Georgie’s recipes and design concepts. The videos on this site were a request by the then head of the Cooking Channel to capture how Georgie creates inspired celebrations with little resources yet producing life long memories. It was one of the videos on this site that was posted to social media that inspired a young man who had aged out of foster care to ask for Georgie’s help. And that led to ASOH.

ASOH, now four years old, is a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles that is dedicated to creating homes for foster youth after exiting the foster-care system. Foster youth exiting the system are more likely to become homeless or incarcerated than any other population. In just over 4 years ASOH has created 450 homes changing the trajectory of over 1,100 young lives. Smith was honored as a top 10 CNN Hero, one of for four nominees for the 2018 DVF People’s Voice Award ceremony at the United Nations, nominated as one of seven women in the 2017 Sheroes at the Women's Choice Awards, and included in the current global book exhibit "200 Women Who Will Change the Way You See the World” as well as “Random Acts of Kindness.” ASOH is a model to be replicated around the US and the world.

This humble site is a tableau of moments that Georgie hopes might inspire others to get more connected.