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Georgie Smith HOME creates occasions that cater to all the senses. If you are a foodie who wants to enjoy restaurant deliciousness in an ambient setting at home or in nature, I hope you will journey with me in creating inspired memories that add meaning to our lives.

Today on Steve Harvey

Georgie's HOME Blog

Sharing ideas, inspirations and recipes that add deliciousness to life is what I'm all about. Be sure to stay tuned to my blog and stay up to date on the latest from Georgie.

Today on Steve Harvey

Georgie Smith



Today on the Steve Harvey Show at 2pm we discuss how we as a community have embraced the home creation as a way to wrap our collective arms around former foster youth to ensure their leadership skills & talents shine. ASOH Program Director, Yolanda speaks to how this is an organization run by former foster youth -- for former foster youth. Today at 2pm on NBC.

180 youth in beds in 120 homes created in only 2 years. As word has now spread, judges have begun to write court orders urging social workers to enroll their youth in ASOH. We are absolutely inundated with demand. Our very small team, with limited resources needs your help more than ever. Please donate much needed funds directly on our website or please empower others to do so by sharing this email or the CNN profile and/or LA Times. Every single dollar counts.